Welcome to my Railway Photography website. I am a Photographer and Director of photography with over twenty five years experience in the Advertising and Design industry. My career started at the BBC television centre, London, photographing legendary productions such as Blue Peter, Top of the Pops and Black Eyes. I started photographing for Advertising agencies in 1997 and I've since worked as a Senior Photographer on some of the largest global advertising campaigns, including the Vodafone 3G brand Identity, Barclays Bank Gallery of life and the Original Channel 4 Big Brother identity and many more.

Railway Photography is my pleasure and passion and I treat the subject with the same level of professionalism and creativity as I do with any subject. I predominately shoot using a Canon 5DMK2 with Canon Professional 'L' Lenses ranging from 16-35 to 300mm F4, my preferred choice of Lens is a Canon 50mm F1.2 and I always shoot in RAW mode. All photographs are 'backed up" onto two G-Drive hard drives and Gold DVD disks.

I am also frequently commissioned to photograph and film for the railway industry and my clients include Network Rail and Carillon. When shooting images commissioned by 'blue chip' clients I prefer to shoot on a Hasselblad H5D60 camera and an 80mm Lens.


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